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Using chess as a tool to build community, connection, and confidence

CFS Students get more than just chess!

In a 2006 study, CFS students performed better, compared to the state average, in both math and reading test scores.

Through chess, all students in CFS after-school programs are introduced to concepts including:

  • mindfulness
  • distress tolerance
  • emotional regulation
  • interpersonal skills
  • 91.7% of CFS students met or exceeded standards in reading compared to 86.7% in the state.
  • 93% of CFS students met or exceeded standards in math compared to 88.3% in the state.


  • nearly 2,500 students
  • in 95 schools
  • in 23 school districts
  • in Oregon, SW Washington, and Hawaii

Helping kids develop the skills they need for a successful life

through equitable and supportive programming

We are for focus … on education and growth in the communities we serve.

We are for friendship … through inclusivity, accessibility, and confidence building.

We are for fun … at the center of what we do!

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