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Finding success and focus through chess

Shokei is a vibrant 3rd grader who adores baseball but has struggled with concentration at school.

Due to family medical issues, he ended up being homeschooled for far longer than the rest of his classmates during the pandemic and his concentration issues just got worse.

Shokei’s parents had heard that playing chess helped with concentration and learning, but they were shocked to see how fast he responded to his chess lessons and coach at Chess for Success.

"Before chess, Shokei couldn't even sit for 15 seconds to focus on anything before wanting to move to something else," said his father.

Previously plagued by feelings of inadequacy, Shokei began to find success completing games and even winning. His newfound confidence radiated with each move on the chessboard.

Within weeks of participating in the chess club, he could concentrate on schoolwork and other extracurricular activities such as baseball. Shokei even triumphed in the Chess for Success 55th Annual State Tournament, completing 5 uninterrupted matches.

Chess is now an integral part of his personal life.

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