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Former Chess Students Stay Involved

Learn how 3 former CFS participants have decided to stay involved and give back after years of participation. 

In 2020 an amazing thing happened in the history of Chess for Success.

Three former players, who grew up competing in CFS chess tournaments most of their elementary and middle school years, decided to give back to the organization in the most compelling way.

Pictured here in 2015 from front to rear, Levi Hauck, Josiah Liebert, and Rhys Greenstead, all signed up to coach chess in 2021 - 22.

Levi coached at Beach School and led his team to a second-place finish in the Regional Tournament and then to the State Finals.

Josiah coached at Rigler School, and his team was invited to the State finals.

Finally, just when Martin Luther King had given up on finding a coach to finish their chess year, Rhys Greenstead came to the rescue and coached the team to end the school year. They were teammates in the chess club and returned to help other young players experience the joy they cherished as part of Chess for Success.

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