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Play, Grow, and Learn Summer Camp

Our summer camps combine the benefits of our classic programming with outdoor activities, creative pursuits and summer fun.

These camps are great for kids who just want to dip their toes into chess, those who are missing their after school chess clubs, and anyone in between. 

Program Benefits

  1. Learn how to play chess!

  2. Join other kids for safe and fun summer activities.

  3. Engage your brain in a fun way to help reduce summer learning loss.

How it Works

Our Play, Grow, Learn Summer programs are week-long camps that typically run late June to Early August. These camps are designed to be half days, packed with a variety of activities to make summer memorable, though we are able to partner with other providers to create full day camps.

Each day at summer camp includes chess lessons, where kids can learn and improve their chess skills followed by open play time. But it's not all about chess; we believe in a balanced approach to learning and fun so in addition to chess, we have a mix of indoor and outdoor games to keep everyone active and engaged. For those who enjoy getting creative, we offer a variety of crafts that students can engage in. 

Whether it's a friendly competition or just some fun physical activities, there's something for everyone. 

Our 'Play, Grow, Learn Summer' programs are all about having a blast, making new friends, and learning cool things. It's the perfect way to make the most of the summer months!

How to Participate

  1. Check our updates to see who we’re partnering with for the summer.

  2. Depending on our partners, you can sign up directly with our partnering school districts, or register with us directly.

Our Schools

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